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Latest publications

microRNAs Establish Uniform Traits during the Architecture of Vertebrate Embryos

Dev Cell, 27 March 2017.
Dionna M. Kasper, Albertomaria Moro, Emma Ristori, Anand Narayanan, Guillermina Hill-Teran, Elizabeth Fleming, Miguel Moreno-Mateos, Charles E. Vejnar, Jing Zhang, Donghoon Lee, Mengting Gu, Mark Gerstein, Antonio Giraldez, Stefania Nicoli.

MicroRNAs Make a Difference in Cardiovascular Robustness

Dev Cell, 27 March 2017.
Rachael Bakker, Richard W. Carthew

In vivo mutagenesis of miRNA gene families using a scalable multiplexed CRISPR/Cas9 nuclease system

Sci Reports Aug 30, 2016
Anand Narayanan*, Guillermina Hill-Teran*, Albertomaria Moro, Emma Ristori, Dionna Kasper, Christine Roden, Jun Lu, and Stefania Nicoli

​* Co-First authors

Isolation and Culture of Adult Zebrafish Brain-derived Neurospheres

JoVe 2016 Feb

Miguel A. Lopez-Ramirez*, Charles-Félix Calvo*, Emma Ristori, Jean-Léon Thomas, Stefania Nicoli

​* Co-First authors

Vascular Mural Cells Promote Noradrenergic Differentiation of Embryonic Sympathetic Neurons

Cell Reports 2015 June

Vitor Fortuna, Luc Pardanaud, Isabelle Brunet, Roxana Ola,Emma Ristori, Massimo M. Santoro, Stefania Nicoli*and Anne Eichmann.*

* Co-Senior authors

A Dicer-miR-107 Interaction Regulates Biogenesis of Specific miRNAs Crucial for Neurogenesis

Dev Cell. 2015 Mar 

Emma Ristori*, Miguel Alejandro Lopez-Ramirez*, Anand Narayanan, Guillermina Hill-Teran, Albertomaria Moro,
Charles-Fe´ lix Calvo,Jean-Le´ on Thomas, and Stefania Nicoli.

​​* Co-First authors

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